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Randy & Diana B.


Here's a long overdue note to thank you and your excellent staff for all they have done over the past year to build our home including the various adjustments which have made it the unbelievably superior home that it is today.

We would like to extend a special Thank You for all of the personal attention that we received from Mike Lancaster, Kathy Skalabrin, Algie Risinger and the entire Mitchell & Best back office staff.

The Mitchell & Best team treated our family with respect, class and dignity, and we are very thankful that you took the time to personally tend to our needs. Those particular qualities that you and your team demonstrated made the process a wonderful experience. The timetable for completion was challenging and the cooperation that we received from everyone was outstanding.

Curt we will always remember our first conversation when you said "Step into another builders' home and jump on the floors...then step into a Mitchell & Best home and compare." You are correct my friend...Mitchell & Best created a well-built home; attention to details and quality controls are some of the things we expereienced as the differentiating factors between you and the other builders out there.  As you know, this was our 3rd and final time building a home from scratch and the Mitchell & Best experience and quality is by far the best we have experienced.

Once again Curt, we would like to echo another Thank You... we will forever be grateful for the time, attention to details and flexibility that you and your team provided to us. 


Randy & Diana B. 

Sandy Spring, MD

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